SUCCESS! That is what we hope for when searching for our ancestors. There is almost nothing more thrilling than finding an elusive or previously unfound ancestor. Just yesterday, as I was researching some descendants of an ancestor, I came across a family in which the father had disappeared and the children were living with his brother. The mother was unknown and the family could not be found in a previous or subsequent census. The million dollar question was ”WHO was the mother?” Marriage, death and any other pertinent records were searched in pursuit of this Mom. Finally, I threw the names of the children out on google in hopes something might appear….. and, lo and behold, something appeared! An entire biography of the son of the disappearing father was on line and, yes, it named his mother, indicating she died shortly after the last child was born.

Genealogy Companies

This is just a short introduction to many success stories which will follow in our blog. They are not only fun to read, but sometimes help give ideas for future research.

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