British and Irish Place-Names

Usage of saint dedications

  1. Omit saint dedications for small hamlets and towns consisting of single parishes, such as:
    1. St. Mary the Virgin, Chedzoy, Somerset, England [INCORRECT]
    2. Chedzoy, Somerset, England [CORRECT]
  2. Insert saint dedications for towns and cities containing multiple parishes, such as:
    1. St. Augustine, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England [CORRECT]
    2. Bristol St. Augustine, Gloucestershire, England [INCORRECT]
    3. Bristol, Gloucestershire, England [USUALLY INCORRECT, unless more specific information is not known]

Usage of “-shire”

  1. Use “-shire” when it cannot be detached from the county in standard English:
    1. Berkshire
    2. Cheshire
    3. Hampshire
    4. Lancashire
    5. Shropshire
    6. Wiltshire
  2. Use “-shire” for counties whose county towns share the same name as the county (i.e. Leicester, Leiestershire):
    1. Aberdeenshire
    2. Ayrshire
    3. Banffshire
    4. Bedfordshire
    5. Breconshire
    6. Caernarvonshire
    7. Cambridgeshire
    8. Cardiganshire
    9. Carmarthenshire
    10. Clackmannanshire
    11. Denbighshire
    12. Derbyshire
    13. Dumfriesshire
    14. Dunbartonshire
    15. Flintshire
    16. Gloucestershire
    17. Herefordshire
    18. Hertfordshire
    19. Huntingdonshire
    20. Inverness-shire
    21. Kinross-shire
    22. Kirkcudbrightshire
    23. Lanarkshire
    24. Leicestershire
    25. Lincolnshire
    26. Monmouthshire
    27. Montgomeryshire
    28. Nairnshire
    29. Northamptonshire
    30. Nottinghamshire
    31. Oxfordshire
    32. Peeblesshire
    33. Pembrokeshire
    34. Perthshire
    35. Radnorshire
    36. Renfrewshire
    37. Roxburghshire
    38. Selkirkshire
    39. Staffordshire
    40. Stirlingshire
    41. Warwickshire
    42. Wigtownshire
    43. Worcestershire
    44. Yorkshire
  3. For all other counties, do not attach “-shire:”
    1. Anglesey
    2. Angus
    3. Argyll
    4. Berwick
    5. Bute
    6. Caithness
    7. Cornwall
    8. Cumberland
    9. Devon
    10. Dorset
    11. Durham
    12. East Lothian
    13. Essex
    14. Fife
    15. Glamorgan
    16. Isle of Wight
    17. Kent
    18. Kincardine
    19. London
    20. Merioneth
    21. Middlesex
    22. Midlothian
    23. Moray
    24. Norfolk
    25. Northumberland
    26. Orkney
    27. Ross and Cromarty
    28. Rutland
    29. Shetland
    30. Somerset
    31. Suffolk
    32. Surrey
    33. Sussex
    34. Sutherland
    35. West Lothian
    36. Westmorland


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