LDS Client Services | Professional Genealogist

We are well-versed in the idiosyncrasies of LDS Genealogy, and can help you push past that barrier that impedes you from going further back in your research.

One of the tenets of the LDS faith is performing family history research. For this reason LDS genealogy is performed ostensibly by family members in a quest to find more of the people they are related to. Although much work can be performed by beginning genealogy researchers, sometimes the path becomes too indistinct to be able to follow it any further. Price & Associates Genealogical Services is a professional genealogy research group that has been helping people with LDS genealogy for over 30 years! Continue Reading >>

For more about LDS Client Services contact Professional Genealogist at
Price & Associates Inc
15 West South Temple #570, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
By Phone: 800-288-0920
801-531-0920 (For local callers)
By Fax: 801-359-4301




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