Life With Herman – The Carpenter – Price & Associates Genealogists

Life With Herman – The Carpenter - Price & Associates GenealogistsHerman and Ray in front of the house they built.

“Boys, we are going to build a house, don’t make any plans. I have drawn the floor plan’ I am going to order the lumber.”

“O.K. kids, today we start. Ray, hand me that hammer; Donnie, hand me the saw; Iris, bring the nails; Ma, bring the shovel. We are going to make the forms for the foundation.”
So we build a house. “Hand me this, bring me that, fetch that over here, don’t touch that, don’t put that nail in there.”

The house is finished. We stand back and look at our super boss man. He says, “That is a dam good looking house, but if I ever start to build another, I hope someone shoots me.” We all agree (that it is the best looking house, that is).

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By Nettie Hallam Steinbeigle


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