Life With Herman – The Mechanic- Price & Associates Genealogists

“That car is not running right, we will have to work on it today. Ray go over to George Stacey and get my box of tools,”

Ray comes back, says, “Pa, George wants to know why you want the whole box of tools; why don’t you come and borrow what you need.”

“Borrow,” screams Pa, “they are my tools! I’ll go get them myself.” He comes back with tool box, muttering and growling under his breath.

“Let’s get going. Donnie, hand me the socket wrench; Ray, go get a pan of kerosene so I can wash the parts; Iris, ask Ma for some rags. Hand me the wrench, hand me the etc., etc. O.K. boys now we will drive it around the block and see how she sounds.”

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