We Go To LA GRANGE – Price & Associates Genealogists

We Go To LA GRANGE - Price & Associates GenealogistsAfter Pa (best mechanic in the world) finished working on the car and taken his bath (and dancing thru the house in his shorts) he said, “Come on everybody we are going shopping in LaGrange.” We all piled in the car; three kids, grandma, Pa and I. The dog, Tippee, and Junesy Poo (cat) tried to squeeze in too but we told Tippee he had to stay home and take care of the house and Junsey. Tippee sat down and Junsey sat between his legs and they looked at us with sad eyes. Watched us drive out of the drive way.

The car was a 1924 Chevy. The hood had a hinge down the middle and you lifted up both sides to work on the engine. We started off everybody singing and in a jolly mood. Kids looking forward to going to the five and dime store. It really was a five and dime, you could buy things for a dime or nickel. We usually gave them a quarter; sometimes grandma would add a dime or fifteen cents. Ray usually bought a model airplane kit and comic book. Don just bought comic books. Iris would buy a book and a toy or clothes for a doll or a cut out doll with clothes.

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About Price and Associates:
Price & Associates professional genealogy researchers have been helping people discover their heritage for more than thirty years. As one of the United States’ largest genealogical firms, we have assisted thousands of families to organize, chart, and verify their ancestral lines. Price & Associates uses the best software and genealogy resources available, and even provides access to free databases and researching aids to everyone interested in their family history.

Website: http://pricegen.com


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