There Are No Coincidences In Genealogy!

Dear Family

Today I got a packet from a researcher I had hired to find what he could on your 4th great grandparents who came from Germany. You can’t believe what I received!!

Last year I had been frustrated for some time. I had done all I could in the United States and needed to go back into Germany. I can’t read German and so I hired a professional a considerable amount of money to locate Conrad Geis and Theresa Schuler (I think she is the Jew) I knew Conrad was born in 1810 and Theresa was born in 1807. I knew they came to New York in about 1837 and moved to Chicago about 10 years later. He was the first furniture dealer in Chicago. My professional could find nothing!!

One day I got on the Trax. There was only one seat left. I sat down next to a gentleman and started telling him all my family history problems. Why?? I had never seen him before in my life?? He said “Maybe I can help you.”

This was a different genealogy researcher  .

I told him I needed all the help I could get.

About four months later he calls me up to tell me he has found the parents, brothers and sisters, and grandparents of Conrad Geis in Wirtheim, Germany in Catholic Church records.

Just last week he calls me again to tell me he has found six more families connected to Conrad Geiss. I was so happy I cried. Today I got the package. 58 new persons were found who are directly related, with an additional 22 persons of the same name in this little Catholic Church in Wirtheim, which means they are most certainly related.
Do these people want to be found?? Yes. They are the reason there was only one seat on that Trax.

Love, Mama



By Phone
801-531-0920 (For local callers)
By Fax 801-359-4301

By Postal Mail
Price & Associates Inc.
15 West South Temple
Suite 570
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


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