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Obituary proves attorneys can be loved by ALL! – – Price & Assoc. Inc.

This obituary is one that must be shared. It is for a fairly young attorney who died from a sudden illness. In our current day, attorneys and lawyers are often the brunt of jokes regarding dishonesty and fraud, so it is heartening to read of an honest attorney who was loved by all.

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LAWSON (LAW SOME of the time) FRANKLIN EARLES PART 3 – Price & Assoc. Inc.


And now we pick up again with the law sliding antics of Lawson. Shortly before his death in 1931, Lawson applied for a confederacy pension in Oklahoma for the Civil War military service. But, remember, Lawson was born in 1862 so he would have had to been a gun toting toddler in order to have participated in this war.

Lawson applied for this pension under the name of Richard N. Earls and was eventually approved. Richard N. Earls, the one being impersonated, was actually Lawson’s half cousin and he DID participate in the Civil War and also received a pension in Texas.

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